Tuesday, 11 May 2010

The Classic Olympus Trip 35

A Great little discreet camera, all manual no batteries required. The Trip 35 has a very sharp fixed 40mm Lens, capable of producing pin sharp images, aslong as you have it set right. Although theres not much to set, the main thing to get right is the focusing it has a distance scale, the setting below infinity has a great depth of field and is good for general walk around stuff. You can even use the film speed dial to manipulate exposure. The 3 above images were all taken with the Trip 35. Check out the Trip Man at www.tripman.co.uk for refurbished models and much more.


The Photophile said...

Wow, these are great Tim! Nice pics to showcase the Trip 35. The Trip 35 is a real gem, and after so many years it's just amazing that they still operate as if new. Mine is 41 years old! I wonder how many R6000 ($1000) Rebels will still be working even 10 years from now?

Tim Everett said...

Thanks for your feedback Dave, Tim.