Saturday, 7 December 2013

Another shoot, on Hull Pier, 4 Dec, 2013.

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This was shot on and around Hull Pier, on the east coast of Yorkshire, U.K. (The U.K. City of Culture) Despite the blue sky and sunshine it was very very cold, the model Kerrie Rymer, not a pro, but dealt with it like one. The light was very harsh, which wasnt very good for her, and caused a lot of harsh shadows on her face, but made for some interesting shadows elsewhere. We both enjoyed it and still got some decent stuff, despite the cold etc. Go to my website or fb page to see more. Thanks.

Sunday, 1 December 2013

Photoshoot on the old Fish Dock, Hull, U.K.

Just wanted to share the results from a recent shoot I did with a lovely young girl, not a pro model but I think she could be. I wanted to do it on the old desolate and derelict Fish Dock in Hull, I thought it would make an interesting backdrop, more can be seen on my fb page or my personal website.

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