Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Skegness, 13 August, 2011.

I took these images on a recent visit to Skegness, a popular seaside resort on the East Coast of England. All taken with my trusty Canon 10D plus Sigma 18-50 EX Lens, I love the images from the 10D, great tonal range with a film like look. One complaint iv heard about digital is that it doesnt handle extreme high/low light images aswell as film, true, but shooting in Raw I dont think its a problem, as you can alter the exposure in specific areas much easier in the digital darkroom. I made a mistake in taking these images, forgot to check the iso speed, (years of using film) it was on 400, 100 would have been better in the conditions, but the results are okay, I used the noise reduction in Lightroom. I did wonder why I was getting such fast shutter speeds, but never made the connection.

Incidently I recently got a copy of Lightroom 3, but ended up putting Lightroom 2 back on my p.c. I think some of the improvements are a bit gimmicky and I dont think the noise reduction is any better, as they claim. Maybe I got a bad copy, if thats possible?

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Hello, Im new to photography and so far I am still understanding some terms with this new camera of mine. it is not a DSLR. I have this GEX500 so far this is the only camera that i can afford right now.

I have researched a minute ago regarding ISO, i thought it was a chip in the camera but for what i discover it makes the photo finer as the number goes lower.

-Forceps, PulseStore