Sunday, 7 August 2011

HDR or Bust?

I see a lot of images around the web on various sites, where the photographer has used HDR or simply put the saturation or vibrancy sky high, with lots of comments like “brilliant” and “amazing” from people who obviously don’t know to much about photography, and I think to myself well know it’s a decent image but its certainly not amazing or brilliant. For me photography is been creative through the camera, looking for that unusual angle and perspective, trying to capture something different even though there’s nothing new under the sun. I enjoy most Art, but am not much good with a paint brush or drawing etc, which is why I became drawn to photography. Not to say photography isn’t an important medium in its own right. I saw this quote recently in pro photographer magazine – “Great artists deserve a beautiful presentation of their work and photography clearly is the art form of today… for the most part, the most exiting work out there is coming from photography” – John Wood, I am not against a bit of enhancement, its unavoidable especially shooting in raw, but I personally don’t like to sway to far from what could be achieved in the conventional darkroom. Too many photographers are using HDR etc to cover up or enhance what otherwise would be a pretty average image, and in my opinion at the expense of been creative through the lens!


Lanthus Clark said...

When HDR is done right you really can't tell that it's an HDR unless you are fairly experianced and know that the contrast just seems like it's very well handled somehow.

Most of the HDR I see on the net are the same old over-saturated, cartoon like rubbish over and over again. And as you say, a lot of people seem to like it. There really is no accounting for taste.

But that's the beauty of art I suppose. What looks like crap to me is really enjoyed by somebody else. Although I'm still not sure why sometimes...

Tim Everett said...

Well said Lanthus, as usual you are spot on with your comments/observations. I will have to take a look at your blog, see whats new. I dont come on here as often as I should, Best regards. Tim.