Friday, 17 June 2011

Last roll of film

Heres a couple of scanned prints from that last roll of film, taken with the old Canon eos 50E and my Canon EF 24-85 f3.5/4.5 Lens. Both taken in the Hessle area/Humber Estuary, near Hull, U.K. All digital from now, unless I win the Lottery, then I might buy myself a large format view camera to play with!


Lanthus Clark said...

It's always a conundrum isn't it? We love film for all the beautiful things it does and then of course it has it's inherent weaknesses. Naturally digital has some weaknesses too, but the immediacy of the whole system has proven to be the over riding factor that ultimately will lead to most photographers to abandon their first love in favour of that hot, new and exciting young thing that beckons so alluringly.

Tim Everett said...

Yes, I totaly agree, since using digital I dont like the idea of having to wait for prints to be processed, when I know I can start work straight away on my p.c.

Alex cox said...

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