Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Digital Darkroom example - adobe lightroom

The above image is the original Raw capture straight out the camera, with no work done on it. I could have done a better job regarding exposure but I like the end result after working on it. Thats an advantage of shooting in Raw, you have a lot more to work with, a 12bit or more file compared to approx 8bit jpeg file.

This is after working on the image using adobe lightroom, I mainly got lightroom for processing Raw files, but its a great programe, I prefer using it to photoshop or paint shop pro (and I prefer paint shop pro to photoshop) I think photoshop is just to complicated. Lightroom is a lot more user freindly, and in my opinion better at doing what it does, it seems to be more geared/specific for use by photographers. I used a variety of tools in the develop tab to alter the exposure, contrast, brightness and clarity in certain areas of the image. I also used the luminance and saturation tabs in the colors to enhance the blue and clouds in the sky, giving the same effect as a polarizer filter. Also used the green and yellow saturation to enhance the color in the tree. Taken with my Canon 30D, Raw capture, iso 100, at f11.

Monday, 4 October 2010

The Reluctant Poser

Callum trying to watch kids t.v. Another example of b/w using Nik Silver Efex Pro, a brill programe with lots of presets. It will even replicate the look of various popular film types, but I prefer to alter it manualy using the exposure, contrast and brightness tabs until it looks right to my eye. This was taken with my Canon 10D, and Sigma 18-50 EX. 1/15sec at f2.8 focused on left eye. Raw capture processed in adobe lightroom, b/w using Nik Silver Efex Pro and resized using picasa.