Thursday, 9 September 2010

Spurn Point.

I took this recently at Spurn Point, not far from where I live. Its a thin strip of Land on the East Coast, (East Yorkshire) that runs out into the North Sea at the mouth of the Humber. Its become a wildlife sanctuary, visited by birdwatchers etc, people fish from the beach, in some parts the beach is very clean, however near the tip, it resembles a rubbish dump, the day I took this I came across kids toys, endless plastic bottles, an old t.v. set, 2 fridges, part of an old ship (possibly from an old Trawler) People do their best to keep it clear, but its a constant battle as it all gets washed in from the sea. Theres an old iconic Lighthouse there, and the RNLI have a permanent base, whole familys live there, it must be quite isolating in the winter months. Iv got more images from Spurn Point on my website.